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Giving NanoStudio a Shot

2013-08-25 14:07:06 by ambassadors

Going to be making a few pieces in NanoStudio. I really like the idea of being able to work on a piece from both my computer and from an iDevice, and I want to mess with some of the functions and tools that they have in NanoStudio. This is probably going to make my stuff sound a bit different, for better or for worse.

Just a heads up ^.^

After NanoStudio if it doesn't quite pan out I'll probably move to Ableton or Cubase.

I have a lot of stuff I'm about to upload...

2013-05-12 12:31:30 by ambassadors

Well, I write music whenever I'm bored, depressed, sad, or anything in between. Recently I've been writing a huge bunch and I have four works that I plan on sharing probably by the end of the day. Here's what they are and a brief description.

Ease The Pain (Piano-based short @ 58 seconds)
Fight! (Video-game themed electronic short @ 46 seconds)
Exodus (My full-length piano piece that is currently a work-in-progress @ about one minute)
Electrostatic (My first full-length fully electronic piece that is in the works @ 46 seconds)
Distance Yourself (Started this today because of how I was feeling about something and kind of want to upload)

Alright NG, I'll be uploading these soon for those of you that care ;P