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I have a lot of stuff I'm about to upload...

2013-05-12 12:31:30 by ambassadors

Well, I write music whenever I'm bored, depressed, sad, or anything in between. Recently I've been writing a huge bunch and I have four works that I plan on sharing probably by the end of the day. Here's what they are and a brief description.

Ease The Pain (Piano-based short @ 58 seconds)
Fight! (Video-game themed electronic short @ 46 seconds)
Exodus (My full-length piano piece that is currently a work-in-progress @ about one minute)
Electrostatic (My first full-length fully electronic piece that is in the works @ 46 seconds)
Distance Yourself (Started this today because of how I was feeling about something and kind of want to upload)

Alright NG, I'll be uploading these soon for those of you that care ;P


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2013-05-14 05:50:49

I care!


2013-05-15 20:18:56

Just an update:
I deleted Distance Yourself (aka Haunting) by accident, sorry.
Electrostatic will probably never get finished.
In light of my new mood, I started a new project, "White Snow" that is likely going to be one of my happiest toned pieces. I'm working avidly on it and have been since it was started early Monday. I'll throw up a WIP soon.